Sharpham Devon Festive Celebration Box


Our Sharpham Festive Celebration Box is perfect to gift someone special this Festive season, full of cheese, and accompaniments that are savoury and sweet, and perfectly pair together to help make your festive season special.  Or if you are having friends or family over for a get-together, we have done all the hard work for you. You can make up a quick dinner over the festive season, we have everything you need for the perfect cheese festive feast at home.


It starts with cheese, delicious handmade and artisan

Mini Sharpham Brie 300g (V) (P)Our flagship cheese. Made here at Sharpham Dairy, Ashsprington, Devon. Inspired by Maurice Ash. Sharpham Brie is more of a Coulommier style cheese and has been hand-made to our recipe at Sharpham since 1981. Buttercup yellow with fresh milk from our Jersey cow’s herd. It is mould-ripened cheese. Firm, rich, and creamy when young, softening with mushroomy notes and a chicory finish with age. Awarded Platinum at the Food Drink Devon 2023 awards.

Ticklemore Goats Cheese 230g Wedge (V) (P): Sharpham Ticklemore goat’s cheese is made from pasteurised Devon goat’s milk. It’s a semi-hard goat’s cheese with a beautiful stark white colour and crumbly texture. It has delicate subtle herbaceous hints on the palate. Awarded Gold at the Artisan Cheese Awards 2023 and 2022 World Cheese Awards- Gold medal. This is also excellent to cook with.

Sharpham Rustic Chive & Garlic 450g Truckle-(V) (P) Sharpham Rustic Chive & Garlic is a semi-hard cheese. It is made with Jersey cow’s milk, adding chopped chive and garlic. It’s fresh, rich, and crumbly in texture and is made deliciously savoury with the addition of chives and garlic. It also looks great on a cheeseboard with the specs of green against the yellow cheese.

Sharpham Rustic 200g (V) (P) is a semi-hard cheese, made with Jersey cow’s milk, it has a refreshing light tang that delicately balances the richness of the milk, with a lovely crumbly texture.


For accompaniments, working with our Devon friends at The Fresh Flour Company we have created a range of great-tasting crackers to perfectly complement our artisan cheeses here at Sharpham, within this box you get to try our Rosemary & Sea Salt crackers. Along with some artisan pasta, also made by Fresh Flour.

Rosemary & Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers (100g) (V) These Sharpham crackers are handmade in Devon, using organically grown wheat, rye, and oat grains. These grains are freshly milled creating fresh stone ground flour. The flour and mixture of sourdough starters are combined with locally produced honey. Olive oil, some of which has had rosemary steeped in it for several weeks. Sea salt of which 15% is Devon Sea Salt and freshly chopped locally picked rosemary leaves. Our crispbreads aren’t uniform in shape or colour, each batch is individual. They’re great pilled high on a cheeseboard for people to share and crack to their desired size and shape before enjoying some delicious Artisan Sharpham cheese.

Fresh Flour Casarecce Pasta (500g) Made with freshly milled ancient and heritage wheat from UK fields. Ground and milled in Buckfast just 9 miles from the Dairy. This gently twisted pasta is perfect for ragus and creamy, cheesy (of course!) sauces.  Pasta needs to be boiled briefly and keeps cooking when warm.


This wouldn’t be a festive celebration without adding in some of our own Sharpham Chutneys, we have picked two of our favourites working with local artisan Devon producers, to bring something special to your cheeseboard this Christmas and the best thing is, they work incredibly with any leftover, hams, pie and cheese you might have too!

Taste of the West Gold Winning Caramelised Fig & Sharpham Pinot Noir Chutney (240g) This caramelised fig and Sharpham Pinot Noir chutney is packed full of the finest plump figs and autumn fruits, steeped in Sharpham Pinot Noir and ‘kicked’ with ginger and cinnamon cloves. Dark, rich and glossy colour with fig seeds throughout, Spiced aroma with sweet vinegar notes, very pleasant spiced cinnamon plum flavour, with a hint of fig. The perfect addition to any festive feast. Suitable for vegetarians

Sharpham Firey Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam
This fiery chilli jam is packed full of scotch bonnet chillies, this packs a punch of heat and
sweetness all in one go! The ultimate condiment for those seeking a fiery delight.


Good Game Charcuterie (40g) Good Game, based in East Devon, create award-winning traditionally cured charcuterie from animals owned only by people they know and trust. They only work with wild game, free-range pigs and grass-fed, slow-grown beef. This selection is a fantastic summer selection and will elevate any cheese and charcuterie board you create this summer.

West Country Olives (175g) Classic Blend. West Country Olives Gold’s award-winning classic blend olive mix is a combination of green pitted olives and pitted Kalamata olives steeped in Bell & Loxton’s original rapeseed oil, lemon juice, thyme, and parsley. These are delicious on their own, but also incredible added to a cheeseboard. The perfect addition to a festive feast.


To finish off this festive feast we have paired this box with a bottle of Lyme Bays Elderberry Port liqueur 17% 350ml. The rich complex balance of ripe elderberries and rich ruby port creates a classic full-flavoured succulent and smooth drink. Pairs perfectly with Tickelmore and Sharpham Brie.


Mrs Gill’s Fruit Cake (360g) Mrs Gill’s fruit cake is handmade in Mid Devon. Following a 200-year-old recipe, Lisa uses local eggs and butter along with handfuls of plump vine fruits to create a wonderfully rich and moist fruit cake. This fruit cake is deliciously moist and superb on its own or accompanied by a wedge of Sharpham Rustic.


All of the above is carefully packaged in environmentally-minded materials and delivered to your door in one of our special Sharpham festive boxes. Unique to our Christmas hampers it will have a plantable wildflower seed star gift tag.  If you are ordering this as a gift, you can add a note in the order section and we will handwrite this on one of our postcards.


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