Sharpham Savour Cheese branded label

Sharpham Savour

Semi-hard cheese, combining the milks produces a sweet, mellow flavour with a smooth texture achieved by washing the curds.

Handmade with Jersey
Cow & Devon Goat's milk

Pasteurised milk
Sharpham Savour Cheese Wrapped with branded label
Made with milk from our own herd of Jersey Cows with a little added goat’s milk, Savour is based on a young French Savoie style cheese with a rich and creamy flavour, slight tang and the smooth texture achieved through washing the curds. Savour was launched to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Step aside cheddar, Sharpham Savour makes a divine alternative for cheese on toast, with perhaps a few (South Devon) chilli flakes. It works perfectly with the light fruitiness of a sauvignon blanc and goes particularly well with Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve.

Sharpham Savour Cut Cheese


2019 Taste of the West
Gold medal

2019 Artisan Cheese Awards
Silver medal

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