Sharpham Camembert

Made sublimely rich and sweet by the Jersey cows milk, developing savoury Brassica notes when ripe.

Handmade with
Jersey Cow's milk

Thermised milk
They say life begins at forty and what better way to mark this milestone birthday than creating a brand new member of the family. Our cheesemakers, led by Peter Howarth, have spent much of the past year refining a new cheese, Sharpham Camembert. After much tweaking and tasting Pete and Greg are now happy to launch it onto the nation’s cheeseboards.

A moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese, it is typically made in individual rounds which makes it perfect for baking. Camembert becomes creamy, oozing and perfect for dipping when heated.

Sharpham Camembert is a unique combination of traditional Normand methods and our singular South Devon terroir. It’s inspired by the French classic, but is very much its own cheese.

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