New Sharpham wrap and labels.
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If you have received your Sharpham cheese in white wrap and/or with a white label this month, you are part of our test of something new and more sustainable. We want to know how it performs. So, we would be very grateful for your feedback below.

    Which cheese / cheeses have you received?


    Are you a retailer or have you purchased from our website for home consumption?

    If you have received cheese in our new wrap…

    Here’s some info about our new Ovtene wrap from the manufacturers:

    Traditional plastic alternatives are made of 100% polyethylene. Ovtene is primarily composed of calcium carbonate and other trace minerals. This reduces the amount of plastic used by 60% while preserving resources and reducing waste.

    Ovtene is a packaging material which extends the quality and characteristics of food products. Inspired by nature to be the first food packaging that restricts the growth of bacteria, Ovtene is 100% recyclable. Ovtene is primarily composed of bio-materials (calcium carbonate and other trace mineral ingredients). The physical properties of Ovtene maintain the organoleptic characteristics of food, therefore, extending the life of your cold cuts, sliced cheese, fresh meat, seafood, produce and baked goods.


    If you have received cheese with a white label…

    Here’s some info about our new label from our printers:

    Front label: Plastic free Tintoretto. A lot of textured papers (including our main Tintoretto stock) have a very thin Polyethylene coating. So, we have now sourced an alternative Tintoretto that does not contain this coating. This can reduce its water resistance in some cases.

    Back label: 100% Recycled r MC. We now offer 100% recycled semi-gloss paper material. Every square meter of this material takes significantly less resources to produce (as highlighted below). This has a smooth finish, so is different to your current Tintoretto stock.

    Savings: Water 10% less / Greenhouse gas 35% less / Trees 67% fewer / Energy 17% less (1 MIl SOM of rMC 100% FSC recycled vs. Non-recycled MC FSC uses).


    Any other feedback?



    Thank you for your time!


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