Quicke’s Clothbound Mature Cheddar


Quicke’s Mature Clothbound Cheddar is handcrafted using milk from their grass-fed cows. Clothbound and naturally matured in the Catherdral of Cheese on Quicke’s Farm for typically 12-15 months. A rich, buttery cheddar that offers outstanding depth of flavor. The flavor develops as it reaches the back of the palate. From brothy to grassy to caramel notes. Fancy creating an interesting Devon cheeseboard then this is the perfect addition to a selection of Sharpham Cheese. Quicke’s is a great example of another Artisan cheesemaker in Devon who uses their own grass-fed cow’s milk, although not as rich as our Jersey Cow’s milk, it makes a delicious artisan cheddar. Quicke’s Mature Clothbound Cheddar makes a wonderful interesting cheddar with its clothbound rind. Tell your guests to cut as a wedge and taste from the nose to the rind for multiple flavors as you taste through the clothbound wedge of cheddar, from the nose right through to the natural rind.

Weight approx 200g


Works well with Sharpham Red Onion, Rosemary & Thyme Marmalade.  Also pairs well with Sharpham Artisan Rosemary & Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers


Pasteurised cow’s MILK,  Not suitable for vegetarians.


Great Taste Awards- 2 Stars

World Cheese Awards 2019/2020-  Silver

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