How to Choose Your Wedding Cheese Cake

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All White Sharpham Wedding Cheese Cake Styled with flowers

Why choose a cheese wedding cake?


A cheese wedding cake is an incredible way to celebrate your wedding and provide your guests with a great alternative to a traditional sweet wedding cake, I mean who likes fruit cake anyway?

It can be the centerpiece of any reception or evening banquet and will be a great favourite with cheese lovers and vegetarians too. A wedding cheesecake is a layered cheese tower, consisting of a variety of cheeses of different shapes and sizes all stacked on top of each other, with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. What makes a Sharpham cheese cake so special is that it’s a beautiful, layered tower of artisan Sharpham cheeses that are all white; a wonderful blank canvas for decoration. Our cheeses vary from soft to hard and can be either cow’s or goat’s milk cheeses or mixed milk.

Choosing your cheese wedding cake

We have a great bespoke service at Sharpham Cheese where we can work with you to choose the perfect cheese wedding cake for your special day. Although we are not the first to offer wedding cheese cakes, we feel that the Sharpham team is supremely qualified to meet your needs. We are experts in cheese, we love parties and weddings, and we will make sure that we exceed your expectations with our service! Our unique service starts with understanding your aspirations. From there we will develop a bespoke offering that can be made, shaped, and aged to meet your precise needs.

Here's how it works

Step 1 – We chat
Either over the phone or on Zoom to say hello and understand a little about what you want.

Step 2 – Tasting
For Bespoke cheese cakes, we can send you a taster box for £30 This is a great way to taste the range with friends or family and make your choices. If you are in South Devon we can arrange a tasting with you, Tuesday to Friday.

Step 3 – Decision time
We agree on a design and quantities and we get to work. At this stage, we will need to take a deposit because we will be making the cheeses specifically for you.

Step 4 – Getting ready
We confirm timings and delivery instructions (maybe in contact with your caterers), we agree on any accompaniments and we supply presentation and care information.

For a truly unique Cheese Cake, we need to plan at least eight weeks ahead to make sure that your cheeses are aged to perfection

Short on time?

If you are short of time or just need someone to do the decisions for you and get this ticked off your list, we have you sorted. We have created three different cheese cakes, with different price points and quantities to feed different numbers of guests. We recommend either 70 grams or 100 grams per person depending on whether you are serving this as the main buffet, or as a dessert option.

Cheese wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular but remember they don’t have to just be for weddings. They can be cheese celebration cakes for parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. We are happy to create a bespoke alternative to a sweet cake with our layered cheese towers, for any occasion.